Docentz provides a list of schools using a special algorithm based on the answers given to the Docentz questionaire. This list of schools is a best guess of what colleges would fit the student's sport and scholastic interests. The school list should be used as a guide in helping the student and their parents have a better informed list of options. The Docentz school list can also be used when preparing the student for the coach conversations during the student-athlete recruiting process.

The Docentz school bracket format is for assisting students and their families with narrowing down the potential school choices.

Docentz uses publicly available school and conference data that they have at their disposal. We strongly suggest that students augment their decisions through school visits, etc. with the help and advice of their parents and guardians.

Docentz cannot and does not guarantee the admission to or satisfaction with programs of a particular school.
Docentz cannot and does not guarantee the offer of scholarships to programs of a particular school.
Docentz does not have any influence on school admission officers or others related to the admission process.
Docentz does not offer assistance with writing essays or filling out applications forms.

Docentz would appreciate a notification of intent to accept or decline offers of scholarship/admission.

By using Docentz, all parties agree that the student athlete colligate recommendations are provided on a best effort basis, as a result of evaluations of the student’s needs, interests and abilities and are based on accuracy of information submitted by the student and materials available from schools.

Docentz does not accept compensation from any institutions for placement of the client.

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